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Decoding school-speak

If you need someone to translate ‘school speak’ – all those seemingly made up words your children’s homework is littered with – we’re here for you!

“You need to support your child with their recognition, decoding and blending of trigraphs,” said Generic Primary School’s homework sheet.


All of us, as parents, really want to help our children. We want to help them eat healthily, get the right amount of exercise and, crucially, help with homework. But when the homework is written in what seems like a completely different language – well, is it any wonder that parents all over the country are getting increasingly confused?

At ZingiTT, we’re strongly aware that being connected with children’s education at school isn’t always easy (take, for example, the ‘school-speak’/‘edu-babble’ or plain old gobbledegook above). A lot of schools try to help parents by putting on workshops or inviting parents in to certain lessons, but squeezing these in amongst swimming lessons, dance classes, football games, housework, cooking and long working hours is nigh on impossible. Plus, if you’re anything like me, you leave feeling all revved up to help, but by 6 o’clock the same evening you’ve forgotten at least 50% of what you learned.

At ZingiTT, we’re all parents. And even though we’re all also parents, some of the homeworks we were trying to help with even had us a bit bamboozled (trust me, when you’re a secondary school teacher confronted with phonics for the first time, bamboozled is really the only polite word for it). So we had a think:
1) What if there was some sort of tool that could explain, simply and clearly, what my child’s learning at school?
2) What if we could get the answers to regularly asked questions immediately?
3) What if someone created a range of simple ideas that were easy to use at home?
Our ZingiTT videos are designed to support parents with all these. Short, snappy and simple videos, filled with tips and idea – always at your fingertips, anytime.
Why not take a look at www.zingitt.co.uk and see if we can help you make sense of it all?

by Conor Heaven

Published on 26 January 2019

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