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Simplify your life with ZingiTT

An introduction to all things ZingiTT – who are we? What do we do? And, most importantly, why?

Life is complicated, these days. Between Brexit and the rising price of Freddos, it sometimes seems like the world is deliberately trying to confuse us all. You can’t order a coffee without having to decipher a three-foot-long menu and, if you’re anything like us, you often still end up with something you never wanted in the first place! And helping your children with their schoolwork sometimes feels like the most complicated thing of all, right? Poor old Mr. Incredible is so relatable in the recent Pixar sequel ‘Incredibles 2’: “Math(s) is math(s)! Why would they change math(s)?” he despairs, while trying to help his dubious son with his homework.

Well, why would they? Why have they changed maths? Why have they changed English? Do they even teach English any more or is it all ‘literacy’? What’s a phonic and why are children all having to learn about them? If these are questions that you have ever asked yourself, you need ZingiTT in your life.

ZingiTT makes life easy. That’s really all there is to it. Confused by crazy terms like ‘phoneme’, ‘grapheme’ and ‘digraph’? ZingiTT! On our super simple platform, there’ll be a video clip to explain each one and a fun game or activity you can do with your child to help support their learning.

Looking for an educational activity that won’t bore the pants off anyone in the house but will make you feel like a virtuous super-parent? ZingiTT! There will be tons of ideas for fun and exciting games and little tips to squeeze the learning opportunities out of everything without extracting any of the fun.
If Brexit, Freddos and complicated coffee have you all at sixes and sevens, I’m afraid we can’t help. But if you want to know what an adverbial is or what on earth a number sentence is when it’s at home – ZingiTT!

by Betsy Maytham

Published on 05 February 2019

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