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Super spy secrets: how to sneak learning in

Ever sneak veggies into your child’s meal? Why not sneak some learning into your conversations? Here’s how…

Do you ever find yourself, like me, blending and whizzing and hiding and negotiating and, all right, downright lying about vegetables in order to get kids to eat them?

If so, you will know all about the secret veg movement! Parents desperately trying to find ways to ensure children eat healthily without a fight every dinnertime. I know that some days, getting 2 or 3 of their portions of fruit and vegetables in them can be tough, let alone 5 (see 10 in some online reports!)

Well, here at ZingiTT, we recognise that when it comes to homework, revision, learning with parents at home – the zing often just isn’t there! “Do I have to? Is it good for me? Can’t I just have some telly time instead?”
It got us to thinking: what about the secret learning movement?
Don’t let the children know - but we think we’re on to something! Imagine getting their 5-a-day (minutes) of support with learning…without them even realising.
Take chemistry for example: “Come on kids, let’s sit down and look at this lovely worksheet telling us all about mixtures and irreversible changes!” The response? “BOOO-RING!” So instead, in our Science section you can find a video called Chemistry through cooking – tips and ideas on practical Science learning whilst getting help in the kitchen. Bonus!
Interested? Why not take a look at our (secret) bank of videos, blogs and ideas for Maths, English, Science and more at www.zingitt.co.uk

by Conor Heaven

Published on 26 January 2019

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