Update: Over 100 videos now available to help you support your children's learning at home! 

For schools: Improve parental engagement

Parental engagement is the single biggest factor in children's attainment ... if you want to increase the confidence and attainment of pupils at your school then you need parents on board.

ZingiTT's bank of short video clips provide parents with the support, guidance and ideas they need - a whole series of mini parent workshops they can watch any time, on any device.

“ZingiTT allows our school to harness the power of modern media to aid parental engagement and broaden parents’ awareness of how to support children's learning, at any time of the day, to fit around increasingly busy modern lives. ZingiTT's short, manageable snippets are a friendly and approachable method to demystify scary or difficult topics!”

Kerry Hill, Eyres Monsell Primary School.

Spread the word - encourage parents to subscribe to ZingiTT

To encourage parents at your school to make the most of the free content on ZingiTT, why not send them some information?

You can download a leaflet to print and send home in children’s bookbags, or complete the form below to find out how we can provide content for your school’s e-newsletter or parent mail, or send you some leaflets for you to use.

Buy ZingiTT for parents of pupils at your school

Alternatively you can subscribe to ZingiTT premium directly on behalf of parents. This will give them access not only to the free content, but to ZingiTT’s full bank of over 100 videos covering English, maths, science, emotional wellbeing, SATs/tests and more. We can provide you with our “school's pack” of information for parents, and even attend your school for a parental engagement launch event. Complete the form below to find out more.

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